October 1, 2007

Photoshop Elements 5.0.2 Freezes in Windows Vista

I recently went to open Photoshop Elements 5.0.2 on my Vista machine, and this time it just hung. The status said “Opening Catalog”, but Photoshop wouldn’t respond. I did a little searching, and came across a known issue on Adobe’s web site. Apparently the Adobe Active File Monitor service can cause Photoshop Elements not to open on Vista. The fix is to disable the service. Once I disabled it through the Services administration console, PE opened right up. With PE 6 now released, I don’t expect Adobe to spend much time fixing this, but I didn’t really rely on that service either, so no big loss. Just a tip for anyone who might run into the same problem.

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November 25, 2007 at 7:43 pm

Thanks! Saved me a major headache!


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