July 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Virtual Server 2005 Migrations to Hyper-V

Doing some Spring cleaning (late) on some of our virtual infrastructure for some of our lab virtual machines. We have an old Virtual Center 2005 server that has multiple VM’s on it, and needed to migrate some of them to one of our Hyper-V servers. Once the process was down, it is fairly simple, and basically consists of:

  1. Convert the boot drive from SCSI to IDE
  2. Uninstall the network device
  3. Uninstall Virtual Server Additions
  4. Check the hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
  5. Move the virtual disk to the Hyper-V server
  6. Convert the virtual machine configuration using VMC2HV
  7. Power on the Hyper-V virtual machine
  8. Install a DVD Drive
  9. Install Integration Services
  10. Re-Activate Windows if needed

Some posts that I found helpful in the process were:

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Resource Kit: Chapter 8: Moving from Virtual Server 2005 R2 to Hyper-V

Virtual Machine Migration Guide: How To Migrate from Virtual Server to Hyper-V

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