October 15, 2014

Passing HTML in Nintex Workflow Start Workflow Web Service

Nintex Workflow provides the capabilities to start other workflows using the “Call Web Service” workflow action. One of the benefits of this method, is that you can pass workflow variable values through the web service through the associationData parameter. The Nintex Community site has a good basic write-up on how do to this:

Start a Workflow using a Web Service

One of the tips missing from the article is how to pass HTML data using the web service method. If you follow the article to the letter, you will find that your data is not represented on the child workflow.

To pass HTML data, you need to use the “XmlEncode” Inline Function when creating your association data string. This will make the value of your data safe for transport:


When the child workflow starts and receives the passing data, I have found it will automatically decode the value, and make it available for normal HTML display.

Parsing Values with Commas
If the value of your variable has commas contained within it, you might find that the function truncates the text value when the workflow runs. This is apparently due to the way the inline function is passed information from Nintex Workflow, separating values with commas. To protect against this, wrap your variable reference with {TextStart} and {TextEnd}:


This will pass the full value of your XML encoded content so you can complete the process!

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