VMware Player – Now creates 64-bit VMs!

At home, I recently moved from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. On my Vista setup, I had VirtualPC installed to set up my own labs, installing servers and learning more about various server applications. I was disappointed to see VirtualPC is no longer supported for Home versions […]

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UBCD for Windows

We went out to see some family this weekend, and they were having some issues with their WinXP computer. I was thinking about taking a Linux Live CD, but ended up giving the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows a try. It is pretty slick. You have to have your own […]

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Team Site Search Broken on SharePoint 2003

I realize SharePoint 2003 is fairly old by now, but there are a few production installs out there I’m sure. I still see frequent hits on the account lockout post from awhile back. Here’s a tip from some troubleshooting last fall in case it helps someone else. We ran into […]

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IE8 Performance Problems

I am still testing IE8 on my home machine, and ran across a page that shows some performance issues with the new browser. When I open up this page in IE8, the browser is extremely slow after the page finishes loading. I have not taken the time to dig real […]

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Compress your Photoshop Elements Catalog

Photoshop Elements 5 introduced the embedded catalog where you can tag your photos based on pretty much anything – people, places, events, etc. I love the whole concept of being able to tag photos, and Adobe did it right in PE5. I’ve spent hours tagging the pictures we’ve taken, so […]

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