IEBlog details the CSS changes for IE7

The IEBlog outlines the list of CSS changes and standards enhancements coming in IE 7. The rendering fixes/changes will be triggered by the DOCTYPE served up by the web page. To handle the rendering differences between versions of IE browsers, the recommendation is to serve differing CSS via conditional statements.

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Christmas Thanks

This Christmas, I am thankful for.. A challenging job at a growing company who cares about people. Good friends, whom I can trust and laugh with. Family who cares for one another. A wonderful daughter who steals more of my heart every day. My wife who loves me inspite of […]

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The security of heaven and the love of God

(The following is a short presentation I gave in El Salvador) We have come to tell those of you who may not know, that God loves you and He created you to have a personal relationship with Him. However there is a problem. Sin separates us from God. When we […]

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