Web Development

Handling bleed-through of a DHTML layer in IE

(I’m going through some older references I have lying around.) Have you ever had the problem where you want to place a DHTML layer of some sort above a select field, but the field bleeds through the layer? Did you bang your head on your desk to learn it’s a […]

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Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications

Jesse James Garrett writes up “Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications.” At the core of “Ajax” is the combination of: (X)HTML/CSS DOM XML/XSLT XMLHttpRequest JavaScript This web app model is what makes sites like GMail, Google Maps, Shutterfly, and others so snappy. I’ve done a little bit of work […]

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The Regex Coach

This is a great, free little utility for writing and validating regular expressions. It will show you real-time what your expression is matching. Check it out: The Regex Coach – interactive regular expressions

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