Dying With Water

In my new shop, I am far from being ready to do any serious work, so I have been experimenting some with the combination of water-based wood dyes and oil stains.  The combination of the two stains can give your wood grain an appearance boost from what I read.  I thought I would take advantage of this downtime in my shop to do some experimenting.

So far, frustrations reign.  My normal process is to sand the wood to a very nice state and then stain.  Water-based dyes raise the grain on what was a nice smooth piece of wood.  So sanding is required again.  This is bad.

I consulted some of the woodworkers on a Greene and Greene forum for advice and got some good responses.  I am close to being ready to try another sample, so I will try some of the tips that I got from the group.

I want this to work.  I have seen some of the value already from my first experiments, and I like some of what I am seeing.

Right now, I am using products from General Finishes if you want to check out their product line.  Also a link to their how-to page.

I am going to include a couple of the links passed along to me for others to read as well.

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