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Drawer Pull Made of Oak and Ebony

Drawer Pull Made of Oak and Ebony

I finished my desk about 4 1/2 years ago, except that I did not have a drawer pull for either drawer.  I have been at a loss to know what it should look like.

I wanted something that was unique, original and complimentary to the rest of the desk.  Months ago I glued together a piece of ebony and two pieces of white oak to make a sandwich.  As I began working on the piece, I realized it did not look quite right.

Drawer Pull Made of Oak and Ebony

Drawer Pull Made of Oak and Ebony

I glued another piece of ebony on the bottom (or on the backside) of the pull, and then worked it in.  That made the pull seem more balanced, and not just an oak and ebony sandwich.

Then I shaped it with carving tools, a round cabinet scraper, hand saws and sandpaper.  I tapped the holes for regular 3 inch-spaced cabinet pull screws so that I can take it off and repair or replace if I ever wish to do so.

My final desire was that it have a very soft, almost sensuous feel to it, as some other parts of the desk have.  It was sanded with 600 grit paper and finished with a spray lacquer.   Finally, it was buffed out.

It really draws the eye, and then the hand to reach out and touch it.  Man, it feels nice.  Now I need to create a duplicate for the drawer on the other side.


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