Valentines Box

Box Front
Box Front

Box View From the Front

I made a Valentines Day gift for my wife from bloodwood.   The lidded box is approximately six inches long, and three inches wide and tall.

Being lovers of Arts & Crafts, we have many pieces of furniture purchased in that style, and some that I have made for our home.

This piece contains a rose inspired by the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish furniture maker from Glasgow.

I found one that I liked with a search, and used it to relief carve the image into the wood.

Left View

Box From the Left

The wood itself is extremely dense and hard on tools.  Because it also contains interlocked grain, I found it time consuming and daunting to plane.  I had to stop and sharpen often as I worked the wood down into flat, smooth pieces.  I also had to deal with much splintering when using power tools to cut it to general size.

But the wood itself is beautiful and tight when it has been sanded and finished.  I used a little steel wool dressing to get the smooth finish that I wanted on those surfaces which my wife would touch most often.

Box Right Side

Box From the Right

The top has about a half inch bevel all the way around the edge of the lid to reduce the appearance of the thickness.  This was done with a block plane and lightly sanded out to blend the surfaces.

I again used several coats of Watco Danish Oil inside and out, which provides a very tactile feeling and leaves the natural wood grain exposed.  I really like this product, and it is easy to renew if something were to happen to the wood that needed touch-up or repair.

The box was designed to sit on the top shelf of a desk I made for her a few years ago.  Sitting there, the carved rose will be about eye height, where she can see it often.

Box Top Open

Box Open

This particular box was filled with small tootsie rolls, my wife’s favorite.  What she fills it up with when those are gone is up to her.

I built it for her with love, and filled it with her favorite.  Happy Valentines Day Judy!


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