Printer Cabinet

SafeCraft Style Cabinet
Printer Cabinet With Printer

Printer Cabinet With Printer

Last fall I had some extra time on my hands.  My office has an older, but functional color laser printer that sat on an small plant stand drafted to get the printer up off the floor.  Every purposeful reflection on the setup caused me to ponder a solution.

Then one day I was perusing a website that features craftsman style furniture, and I noticed a cabinet that caught my eye.  The SafeCraft cabinet was made to house and conceal a safe.  The cabinets were made for SafeCraft by Stickley.  See here or here for a picture of the original.

I immediately loved the cabinet and decided to build a printer cabinet based upon a modified version of the SafeCraft design.  The dimensions of my cabinet were adjusted to nicely fit my printer.  When the printer dies, the cabinet can serve many other functions, or certainly hold a smaller unit.  But for this project, it fits the printer.

Two Drawers And Shelf Inside

Two Drawers And Shelf

Of course I don’t have a safe, but I do need more places to store supplies and printer paper.  This cabinet houses the visible drawer like the original right under the top, and inside it contains two other drawers for storage, and finally a bottom shelf large enough for two reams of paper.

The cabinet exterior was dyed using a blend of Orange and Medium Brown colors from General Finishes.  However, I decided to leave the inside a natural color.  I liked the contrast and the brightness this gave the inside.  I utilized some Quartersawn White Oak plywood that I purchased for another project to line the inside and to make the drawer bottoms.

The joinery for this project involves through tenons, just like the original cabinets.  The originals were designed to hold safes with money!  Each of the through tenons is pinned as well to provide a rock solid framework.  The top is fitted to drop in between all of the corner posts.  It also is pinned to the posts which makes it very solid.

Top View With Drawers Open

Top View With Drawers Open

Each of the inner drawers is big enough to hold large magazines (currently holding Fine Woodworking copies) and about 5 inches deep.    The top drawer is 2 3/4 inches deep, and could hold a variety of items found in an office.

The original had strap hinges across the front which I liked, but it did give the cabinet a look of which my wife was not fond.  Stickley also made a similar sized cabinet, and they used normal hinges for that one.  Using that as a good compromise, this cabinet also has normal hinges.  (But if I ever run across some nice cheap strap hinges …)

The wide door was created by gluing two pieces together.  One nice wide piece with flake was about 9 inches wide and I added a 3 inch wide strip to make a door 12 1/4 inches wide.  I was very happy about aligning the flake from two different boards in such a way that they almost appear to be one board.  You have to look closely to see the seam.

Unfinished Profile View

Unfinished Profile View

The entire unit measures 15 1/2 X 18 x 30 3/4 inches.


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