Paduk and Curly Maple Bowl

Paduk And Curly Maple Bowl
Inside of Paduk and Maple Bowl

Inside of Paduk and Maple Bowl

A business trip several years ago to St. Joseph, MO ended with a personal trip to a local sawmill.  There I saw several two inch thick slabs of soft curly maple, each between 9 and 10 inches wide.  As I have noted in a previous posting, I did not have enough money to buy much then, as they only took cash or check.  But, I returned as soon as I could drive back down from Omaha, and picked up several great pieces.

Many items have already been made from one of the pieces, and after walking past the remaining two foot piece for a while, I decided it was time for some lathe work.  I have not had time to do much on the lathe, but this was the perfect time.  I cut a 9 inch square piece and glued some Paduk to to the top and bottom.  I first cut out the center of the Paduk piece and the circle I cut out was glued to the bottom.

Curl Showing On The Side

Curl Showing On The Side

My lathe work dates from freshman in high school, loooonnng break, and then again just a year ago.  Which means that I still make a lot of mistakes, mostly my gouge jumping and ‘gouging’ the wood.

Add to my mistakes the fact that the soft curly maple is very soft and does not turn smoothly for me, and it ended up being a little longer process than I expected.  However, that beauty of the wood itself was worth it.

This bowl was sanded to 500 grit, and then I applied several coats of clear BRIWAX wax.  Apply a little steel wool, and the bowl is silky smooth.

The bowl is 8 3/4 inches wide at the top and 3 inches tall.


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