Walnut And Curly Maple Bowl 2

Maple Bowl With Wide Walnut Lip
Inside of the Bowl

Inside of the Bowl

The third bowl made from the remnant of a soft curly maple board acquired in St. Joseph, MO.  The walnut lip on this bowl is 1/2 of the thickness from a piece of walnut that was used on the lip of the previous bowl.

In an effort to stretch the walnut out as wide as I reasonably could, I left the side walls of this bowl rather thick.  After I finished, I recognized it looked an awful lot like an offering plate for a church service, because of the wide lip and the low profile.

Again, this bowl has some outstanding interest in the maple’s curl.  This first picture over the top allows you to see grain and curl running in several distinct directions.

Side View

Side View

Each of the three bowls provides interest from nearly every angle.  The wide lip on this bowl also exposes a lot of the flat sawn grain.  Each side is unique as the bowl is turned, so it looks good from nearly every angle.

The only finish on this bowl is a couple of coats of clear BRIWAX wax. Like the previous bowl, it was sanded to 500 grit and I used a little steel wool after waxing.

The bowl is 8 3/4 inches wide at the top and 2 5/16 inches tall.



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