Small Boxes From Scraps

Small Boxes
14 Boxes

14 Boxes

The scraps are always a dilemma.  Should they be kept or tossed?  When working with wonderful woods on various projects, I can never get myself to discard any piece that gives me even a hint that it could be used someplace.

Over the years, many ingenious woodworkers posted their projects utilizing what most would have burned or tossed into the trash.  Those posts encourage me to keep around pieces that probably will be tossed after I am dead and gone.

Pile of Boxes With View Inside

Pile of Boxes With View Inside

However, some of the larger pieces I turned into small boxes over the summer and late fall last year (2017).  When I had enough for each grandchild, daughter, daughter-in-law and wife, I prepared them for a Christmas give-away.

I let the wife pick first, then the grands, and lastly the daughters.

The boxes were made from leftover Birdseye maple, Paduk, Walnut, quartersawn Sycamore, Purpleheart, Cherry, White Oak and Fishtail Oak.

They are just big enough to store items meaningful to each age group.  Each box is approximately 6 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches tall.  Some were wiped with an oil finish and others were given a coat of varnish.

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