Author: John

I am the Associate Pastor of Ministries at PassageWay Church in Blair, NE. A few years back, I left a position as Director of Software Development. 25 years in the technical field provided many good moments, and a great living for our family. Over the years, I have been in construction, retail, software development, and a variety of other careers. Wikipedia defines Patina as: "... a sheen on wooden furniture produced by age, wear, and polishing; or any such acquired change of a surface through age and exposure." I can easily see age and wear on my body; let's call it patina. These are some of my musings as I turn back to a first love of working with tools on wood projects, and the effect of life experiences on why and how I approach things.

Lacewood Box

On a recent visit to Woodcraft (formerly Midwest Woodworking) in Omaha, I discovered a new addition to the outstanding selection of wood carried by the store.  Among several nice pieces of lacewood, I found one with a section near the […]

Updated Mantle

Shortly after buying our home and moving in nearly six years ago, I discovered that the rough cedar mantle, stained a dark walnut, had been broken and reattached to the stub hanging from the rock wall.  I noticed later that […]

Valentines Box

I made a Valentines Day gift for my wife from bloodwood.   The lidded box is approximately six inches long, and three inches wide and tall. Being lovers of Arts & Crafts, we have many pieces of furniture purchased in that […]


I rather quickly put together some checkerboards for my children (and families) for Christmas. All the boards are made from the same stock of Birdseye maple and Paduk.  Both are beautiful woods and bring great characteristics. This board is wrapped […]

Drawer Pull For My Desk

I finished my desk about 4 1/2 years ago, except that I did not have a drawer pull for either drawer.  I have been at a loss to know what it should look like. I wanted something that was unique, […]