Category: Boxes

Old, Rough, Warped Walnut

On my way to an Iowa sawmill in mid-June, I stopped off to visit an Iowa friend of mine.  Mark and I are friends of only a couple years, but our connection through the church brought us together where we […]

Black Mesquite Box

Once again, relying upon my local Woodcraft store in Omaha to supply me with some nice promotional woods to try out, I found a couple of pieces of Black Mesquite.  Obviously, the two pieces were from different trees as the […]

Purpleheart Box

Who doesn’t love love a wood that is purple in it’s natural state??  Nearly every woodworker falls all over themselves to claim a board or two for a project that screams out to them when they first see that color.  […]

Quilted Maple Box

I love figured woods!  Each subsequent project reflects more of my desire to let the wood itself be a prominent feature.  This small box took some time to complete.  The desire to let the beauty of the wood outstripped the […]

Small Boxes From Scraps

The scraps are always a dilemma.  Should they be kept or tossed?  When working with wonderful woods on various projects, I can never get myself to discard any piece that gives me even a hint that it could be used […]