Category: Boxes

Figured Walnut Box

Even more beautiful than I imagined.  When I picked up these pieces of cut-offs from a pallet in a Phoenix wood store, they were really rough in most cases.  After you have worked with figure for a while, the eye […]

Walnut Burn Pile

Earlier this month I was in Phoenix visiting my brother and his family.  Before I left Omaha, I searched the area for woodworking stores in the area.  This is a normal routine for me, and I typically have to sort […]

Fishtail Oak And Birdseye Maple Box

Just finished a box made of a wood known locally as Fishtail Oak (eucalyptus) with a Birdseye Maple lid and an ebony handle.  The Fishtail has a wonderful pattern to it that ranges from small ovals to long stretched out […]

Oak Box

The quartersawn white oak body of this box was made from a very nice piece that I had left from another project.  I kept it in a special pile because it had some nice rays radiating across the width of […]

Curly Maple Box

Today I finished a box made from a piece of soft curly maple that I picked up in St. Joseph, MO a couple years ago.  This piece of wood contains some crazy figure on one end which I utilized for […]