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New Kid in the Crib

London Elle, the sister of Titus is here!  She is a couple of weeks early, and today she took a snooze in the crib.  She looks sooo tiny!  Titus has become a big boy in comparison, and he is quite […]

The Crib Belongs to Titus!

At last we know his name.  Titus Mark Cooper made himself known on July 14th at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Each person breathed a sigh of relief to have both mother and child in good health. Jodi took a […]

Ready for Baby

Saturday, Judy and I loaded the unassembled crib into the back of the pickup in layers of blankets.  Our fear was that it might rain on Sunday, and it is pouring as I type this.  We scheduled the delivery to […]

The Crib Is Done

But not delivered. The work is done.  The finish is on everything, it just needs to be delivered and setup.  All of the pieces look great by themselves, so I am eager to see them back together, and in its […]

Final Glue Up for the Crib

Knowing that Tyler would be around on July 4th, we planned to glue up both sides during the day.  However, their neighbor decided to get crazy Friday night with the fireworks and Jodi and Tyler came over early.  They basically […]