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Drawer Pull For My Desk

I finished my desk about 4 1/2 years ago, except that I did not have a drawer pull for either drawer.  I have been at a loss to know what it should look like. I wanted something that was unique, […]

Full Figure Legs

So, how do you get your legs to look great?  Exercise?  Not when your legs are like a block of wood.  Maybe adding a nice lift or covering them with a faux finish? I love quartersawn oak.  Making legs that […]

Ready for Use

The desk is done.  Well, nearly done.  I need to make pulls yet for the drawers, but the right design still eludes me.  In the mean time, the desk can be used.  I moved out the other two desks in […]

Ebony Highlights

Virtually every piece of Greene and Greene furniture contains ebony highlights.  As I prepared to add the highlights to my desk, I considered using Indian Rosewood instead due to the cost of ebony, and the scarcity of it in my […]


The breadboards for the desk are mostly done.  They fit on each end of the core of the desk, or the main flat part of the desk. Each finished end fits on the core over a spline, and glued only […]