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Frame for Dad

My father passed away in 2000.  A lot of favorite pictures exist of my father, and one was a photo of him in his military uniform.  In this picture, he appears to be so young, and more than a bit sure […]

Dying With Water

In my new shop, I am far from being ready to do any serious work, so I have been experimenting some with the combination of water-based wood dyes and oil stains.  The combination of the two stains can give your […]


My wife and I moved a couple of weeks ago into the city of Omaha.  After living 25 miles north in the country for 7 years, adjustments and unpacking are taking place everywhere. The long pull for me will be […]


Readers of this blog, apart from my family, probably already know the name of James Krenov.  He passed away September 10, 2009.  Some consider Mr. Krenov to have been among our greatest contemporary furniture makers and teachers.  Sadly, I cannot […]

Judy’s Father

Shortly after our last child was born, Judy and I moved to her home town in Kansas.  A lot of influences went into that decision, and one of them was the opportunity to work with Judy’s father, Curt L Regehr. […]