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Island Study

The island has been in use for some time.  Here my oldest Granddaughter concentrates on homework during an October afternoon.  No doubt this is just the way that Grandma had envisioned when she asked for a recessed area on the […]

Island Ebony

The past weekend I spent time gluing in the ebony inserts that bridge the gap between the breadboard and the main body of the island top.  Each piece was hand fitted to the slot, and very roughly cut out so […]

Work on the Island Top

An update on the state of the island.  At this point, all the drawers , shelves and doors are sanded, stained and finished.  Each is in its place, and functioning properly. Last weekend, I chopped out the sockets on the […]

Corbels and a Shelf

All good Arts and Crafts pieces need corbels, do they not?  I think so.  At least this island needs corbels to make the one foot overhand of the top on the right end look proper.  After asking my wife, youngest […]

Stained Frame and Liners

During the holiday break, the island face frame got stained and the inside of the storage areas was lined.  Using the dye combination of orange and medium brown from General Finishes, the front face frame now has color. As I […]