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Birdhouse Update

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House Hung

House Hung

When the kids and grand kids were over for Mother’s day, we hung the birdhouses in the backyard.  One was out in the open, and the second was hung in a closed in area.

By Friday a pair of wrens were moving into the house in the closed area.  Makenna built this house, and it was an inch longer than Liam’s.  Did they prefer the larger house or the location?  Maybe it was the paint job…

At any rate, we are happy to have pick one of the two houses and serenading us with there wonderful songs.  Congrats Makenna on renting out your house to a fine couple.  May they have many children in the house that you built.

Bird Houses With the Grandkids

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Makenna With Her Bird House

Makenna With Her Bird House

This past Saturday, my two oldest grandchildren came over to build birdhouses for wrens.  I cut out all of the pieces beforehand so that the kids would be able to mostly glue and clamp the pieces together.

Funny thing about that, I think I spent more time getting the pieces cut for assembly than I imagined.  It was time well spent however as the process went well.  All of the pieces were scraps left over from other projects, and in one case I made the back by gluing 3 pieces together to get a wide enough piece.

We began by gluing the roof portions together.  The bevel is 30 degrees, so we laid the pieces together and put some blue tape on them to hold the seams.  Then we flipped them over and applied glue.  Once glued, we pulled the pieces together and again used tape to hold the two halves of the roof together.  While the roof dried, we worked on the bodies.

These had rabbits on the sides and the end pieces were already cut to size.  The kids put glue into the rabbits and then we put them together and clamped them with 4 clamps for each house.  Liam (6) and Makenna (9) both enjoyed playing with clamps for a few minutes while roof and body dried.

Liam With His Bird House

Liam With His Bird House

Then I got out some General Finishes water based dyes and the kids used acid brushes to first paint the roofs and then paint the house bodies.  Lastly we put the floors into the houses.  Dowels were used to allow one end of the floor to pivot so that the houses can be cleaned out.  And a 6 penny galvanized nail was predrilled and slid into the front where it can be removed to allow the floor to swing open or stay in position.

The roofs were glued and nailed on again with 6 penny galvanized nails. Even predrilled, it took a lot of short, fast blows to get those nails driven in.

We had a lot of fun.