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Medicine Cabinet Done

After working for several months on this, I am happy to say that it is completed.  Judy and I hung it on the wall today and it looks great! As mentioned previously, our new home has 3 bathrooms, but none […]

Case Glued Together

I glued the case together last night.  Here you see it sitting on it’s top with the ebonized bottom shelf right above the apron. I should have had my wife help me with the process, as I could have used […]


My medicine cabinet design includes an ebonized shelf.  Ebony itself is far too expensive for this (and nearly any other project), and I did not want to use something like marble or a synthetic substance.  I chose to continue to […]

Blind Dado Joints

Using the white oak that I bought from a sawmill in Iowa, I laid out the sides for two of the shelves.  Using my router and a 1/2 inch bit, I cut blind dado grooves into the sides.  I want […]

The Hard Way

Our new home (30 years old) came without medicine cabinets.  I decided to put aside other projects and make some.  We love Arts and Crafts, so I searched about for a few ideas. Funny thing, they did not have medicine […]