Category: Planes

Lie-Nielsen #4 Plane

I invested in a #4 Lie-Nielsen plane.  This plane is different in a few way from the traditional Stanley/Bailey plane.  The number one difference is that the frog holds the plane iron at a 50 degree pitch as opposed to […]

Small Shoulder Plane

I purchased the Veritas Small Shoulder Plane from Lee Valley a couple of weeks back, and I love this tool!  I already own the medium version which looks and feels nice.  I purchased the medium first because I got to […]

The Beauty of Wood

For the true lover of wood, beauty lies mostly in the visual feature.   But for many, other senses and emotions are stimulated.  Most wood emits an odor when the surface is abraded or cut.  The typical worker of wood loves […]

Crib Shaping

This weekend, I decided that I better get back to the crib if this baby might show up early.  I glued the legs together a few weeks ago, each one made of three pieces of walnut.  Finished legs measure around […]