Category: Wood

Black Mesquite Box

Once again, relying upon my local Woodcraft store in Omaha to supply me with some nice promotional woods to try out, I found a couple of pieces of Black Mesquite.  Obviously, the two pieces were from different trees as the […]

Purpleheart Box

Who doesn’t love love a wood that is purple in it’s natural state??  Nearly every woodworker falls all over themselves to claim a board or two for a project that screams out to them when they first see that color.  […]

Quilted Maple Box

I love figured woods!  Each subsequent project reflects more of my desire to let the wood itself be a prominent feature.  This small box took some time to complete.  The desire to let the beauty of the wood outstripped the […]

Small Boxes From Scraps

The scraps are always a dilemma.  Should they be kept or tossed?  When working with wonderful woods on various projects, I can never get myself to discard any piece that gives me even a hint that it could be used […]

The Lost Stickley Side Table

Twelve years ago, Popular Woodworking Magazine featured a table built by Robert Lang called The Lost Stickley Side Table.  The table was likely built in the early 1900s by someone in the employ of Gustav Stickley, and Mr. Lang wrote his […]