Patina Reflections


Musings upon wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

More Wood

My wife and I drove to the sawmill yesterday in Dunlap, Iowa.  Our new home does not have medicine cabinets in either of the upstairs bathrooms, so I plan to build some to fit our tastes and space. Mostly I […]

Dying With Water

In my new shop, I am far from being ready to do any serious work, so I have been experimenting some with the combination of water-based wood dyes and oil stains.  The combination of the two stains can give your […]


My wife and I moved a couple of weeks ago into the city of Omaha.  After living 25 miles north in the country for 7 years, adjustments and unpacking are taking place everywhere. The long pull for me will be […]


This morning, I put the final coat of finish on the last of the 4 desks.  I laughed to myself to think that I thought I might have these all done shortly after Christmas.  And here it is approaching the […]