Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Folding Screen – Finished

This past weekend, I completed the work on the folding screens.  I found little time to blog about the process, so I will describe it here. I wanted a finished product that would provide us with about 4 and 1/2 […]

Valentines Day Bread Board

For valentines day, I made a bread board or cutting board for my wife from a number of scrap pieces of wood that I kept from other projects.  One of the pieces came from my first set of projects a […]

Folding Screen

Our new home has one window that currently does not have a curtain.  Right now the Christmas tree is filling that space, but when it is gone, we are without a way to keep the neighbors from looking in.  There […]

Medicine Cabinet Done

After working for several months on this, I am happy to say that it is completed.  Judy and I hung it on the wall today and it looks great! As mentioned previously, our new home has 3 bathrooms, but none […]

Case Glued Together

I glued the case together last night.  Here you see it sitting on it’s top with the ebonized bottom shelf right above the apron. I should have had my wife help me with the process, as I could have used […]