Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.


Sometimes, greed overpowers your brain, and you make decisions that later seem less wise.  Yesterday, Judy and I traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri to pick up more wood at Simpson and Sons sawmill just south of town.  My new friend […]

Ebony Highlights

Virtually every piece of Greene and Greene furniture contains ebony highlights.  As I prepared to add the highlights to my desk, I considered using Indian Rosewood instead due to the cost of ebony, and the scarcity of it in my […]


The breadboards for the desk are mostly done.  They fit on each end of the core of the desk, or the main flat part of the desk. Each finished end fits on the core over a spline, and glued only […]

Walnut for Stickley Desks

For Christmas, I promised handmade desks for each of my children and their families.  The caveat being that I might not actually be done by Christmas day, but I hope they know that I am good for it.  I proposed […]