Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Gluing Desk Legs

Assembly, or glue typically comes after sanding everything.  The many small pieces in this desk complicates the glue up, and I feared glue squishing out everywhere and ruinging my hard work.  So, after sanding and staining I spent time applying […]

#2 Yellow Wood Pencil

Identifying the most fundamental, basic and essential tool in the shop would be difficult.  But, I think that the yellow #2 wood pencil might get my vote.  From my earliest years, the yellow pencil symbolized achievement and creation.  The moment […]

Sand and Stain

The time line for this project spans quite a few months.  I took some extra hours this weekend to work on the desk.  Some of the steps in the process require more focused time than other steps, and this weekend, […]

Tuning My Planes

Some of my family and friends know that I collect Stanley or Bailey planes.  The better planes made by Stanley were made after 1890 and before WW2 which makes those planes in the neighborhood of 70 to 120 years old.  […]

The Baby Crib Begins

My garage finally warmed up enough last week that I was able to dig out the walnut that my son-in-law Tyler and I purchased for making a baby crib for he and Jodi’s firstborn.  The wood sat for several weeks […]