Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Wabbits and Wrenches

During the fall and winter of ’72, I worked as a roustabout in the oil fields of Gillette, Wyoming.  I found myself without work in the southwest corner of the state, and a friend persuaded me to consider working in […]

Purple Mallet From Scraps

For quite some time I have been aware of the fact that I did not have a wooden mallet that I could use to pound on the chisels as I cleaned out the mortises.  Months ago, I had glued up […]

Building a Desk – Part 3

Each side of the desk has three legs — with a small 12 inch gap between two of the legs where a drawer will fit.  I decided that using mortise and tenons on those pieces between the legs was the […]

Building a Desk – Part 2

This picture shows the well used plane that I purchased when Judy’s parents left the farm and retired. I am using this number 7 plane to joint the boards that form the top.  Normally, you would use a power joiner, […]

Building a Desk – Part 1

Always enamored with quarter-sawn white oak, I picked that wood for my first big project a few months back.  There is a great place over in Dunlap, IA where you can get lumber at nice prices that are planed (roughly) […]