Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Building a Desk – Part 1

Always enamored with quarter-sawn white oak, I picked that wood for my first big project a few months back.  There is a great place over in Dunlap, IA where you can get lumber at nice prices that are planed (roughly) […]

Get Me One of These

As a young boy, the oldest of the children, I often found myself lingering around a project that my father was working during his day off.  In the cold months, his projects were in the warm, company owned shop that […]

Judy’s Father

Shortly after our last child was born, Judy and I moved to her home town in Kansas.  A lot of influences went into that decision, and one of them was the opportunity to work with Judy’s father, Curt L Regehr. […]


As a young boy, I grew up with a a talented, but uneducated father.  My dad opted out of school in the eighth grade, and made his way in life as a mechanic and then later as an electrician. After […]