Patina Reflections


Musings upon wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Birdhouse Update

When the kids and grand kids were over for Mother’s day, we hung the birdhouses in the backyard.  One was out in the open, and the second was hung in a closed in area. By Friday a pair of wrens […]

Bird Houses With the Grandkids

This past Saturday, my two oldest grandchildren came over to build birdhouses for wrens.  I cut out all of the pieces beforehand so that the kids would be able to mostly glue and clamp the pieces together. Funny thing about […]

Frame for Dad

My father passed away in 2000.  A lot of favorite pictures exist of my father, and one was a photo of him in his military uniform.  In this picture, he appears to be so young, and more than a bit sure […]

Island Ebony

The past weekend I spent time gluing in the ebony inserts that bridge the gap between the breadboard and the main body of the island top.  Each piece was hand fitted to the slot, and very roughly cut out so […]

Work on the Island Top

An update on the state of the island.  At this point, all the drawers , shelves and doors are sanded, stained and finished.  Each is in its place, and functioning properly. Last weekend, I chopped out the sockets on the […]