Patina Reflections


Returning to wood and tools after a 20-year hiatus.

Island Study

The island has been in use for some time.  Here my oldest Granddaughter concentrates on homework during an October afternoon.  No doubt this is just the way that Grandma had envisioned when she asked for a recessed area on the […]

The Boxes Go Home

All of the boxes that I made over the winter have now gone home to be with a member of my family. I had each of my children and their spouses draw numbers so that they could choose from the […]

Cherry With a Curly Maple Top

This box is made of Cherry with a Curly Maple lid and a handle made of Fishtail Oak (or eucalyptus).  The cherry and the fishtail were purchased locally at Midwest Woodworkers here in Omaha.  The curly maple came from a […]

Figured Walnut Box

Even more beautiful than I imagined.  When I picked up these pieces of cut-offs from a pallet in a Phoenix wood store, they were really rough in most cases.  After you have worked with figure for a while, the eye […]

Walnut Burn Pile

Earlier this month I was in Phoenix visiting my brother and his family.  Before I left Omaha, I searched the area for woodworking stores in the area.  This is a normal routine for me, and I typically have to sort […]